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Unleash Your Inner Hero or Villain in an Epic Open-World Game!

Superfly is an action sandbox game that allows you to step into the shoes of your favorite SUPERHEROS and SUPERVILLAINS! With 12 superpowers, each with unique attacks and locomotion, you'll become a custom superhuman with your choice of power pair-ups. The sprawling city is yours to protect or conquer, combating the army of enemies or terrorizing the citizens! 


Each of the 12 powers comes with unique sets of abilities that you can combine to create your ultimate superhero or supervillain. Choose from a roster of legendary superpowers including:

Power Thrusters

Web Swinging

Super Speed

Size Shifting



and many more!


Prepare for epic battles that will test your skills as you confront not just hordes of robots, but also colossal bosses that stand taller than skyscrapers!

The Fire-breathing Dragon

The Giant Worm

The Nimble Spider

The Towering Turret


Immerse yourself in a cityscape filled with thousands of vehicles and dynamic objects. The city's environment enhances your gaming experience as you battle towering bosses, dodging their EMP and hacking attacks.


In Story Mode, collect gears to unlock an array of sidegrades for your superpowers, allowing you to customize abilities. Everything in the game is intricately tied to the physics engine, resulting in gameplay that's only limited by your imagination.

Are you ready to soar to new heights or descend into villainy? The fate of the city rests in your hands. Embrace your powers and let the battle begin in Superfly VR!

Superfly is developed by Loco Motion Devs, check out our website to learn more about the team and join our community on Discord, where you can see the latest updates and give direct feedback to the developers: https://discord.gg/aXwhJBR

System Requirements

  • OS: Windows 10
  • Processor: Intel i5-4590 or better
  • Memory: 8 GB RAM
  • Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 or better (recommended: NVIDIA GTX 1080 or better)
  • Storage: 3 GB available space
  • Requires SteamVR


Buy Now$14.99 USD or more

In order to download this game you must purchase it at or above the minimum price of $14.99 USD. Your purchase comes with a Steam key. You will get access to the following files:

superfly-windows-alpha.zip 979 MB
Version 0.10.2
superfly-windows.zip 1 GB
Version 1.3.1

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please add this to sidequest so i can sideload ive had steam vr and my game was to laggy to run super fly and i would love playing this game i wanted this out of any game thats why i got vr

can you atleast let us convet this to apk so we can use standalone

is their a way we can refund the game?

how do you open the game its has downloaded many times but its isnt working


can you make it available with quest 2 pls


with the popularity of the quest 2,do you think your team will put together a apk file of sorts that can work via oculus quest 2 unwired and not restricted to pcvr?


how would you be able to play on quest2?


i want to buy,but i need to be sure i can play on my Oculus quest 2


Is Superfly coming to Oculus quest 2???

(1 edit) (+2)

I was wondering if I would be able to run this on the Quest?


If you cant add it to the quest, add it to sidequest or app lab

You schould REALLY add workshop on steam or some sort of modding


Oculus quest pls


oculus quest pls


how do i get this this


Hi Christian, thanks for your interest in Superfly! You can buy Superfly here on Itch.Io, on Steam, or on Viveport+Infinity. Simply click "Return to game", and then "Buy Now" to buy right here on Itch.io. 

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i bought  it and can't find the link to the game. is this a lie?

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Hi Christian,

Click the drop down arrow next to your name in the upper right hand corner on Itch.Io, then go to "My Library", then on the left hand side, click on "My Purchases". You should be able to get it from there. Superfly is, in fact, a real game, as evident by our many reviews on Steam, and other people have purchased it here, from Itch.Io too. If you're still having trouble, please email us at contact@locomotiondevs.com.  


iS tHiS a LiE?